A Solid Foundation

Jonathan Reed and his family spent years among the indigenous communities of Belize, offering support and training to local pastors. Now, equipped with experience and In Touch Messengers, K'ekchi leaders are serving their own churches.

Building the body of Christ isn’t primarily about constructing up-to-code structures—it’s about investing in people. And no one understands the importance of this like Jonathan and Jessica Reed.

Messenger Lab - JonathanFor Jonathan Reed, ministry isn't just planned events and scripted teachings. While on his way to pastor training in Delores, Jonathan came upon a man and his son to whom he offered a Messenger, an explanation of the gospel, and a free ride.

Drawn together by a common passion for missions, this young couple spent years ministering in multiple countries. Recently, they zeroed in on the K’ekchi, a native people group of about 1.5 million spread throughout Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. In Guatemala, the Reeds trained leaders who will return to their villages ready to serve their communities as pastors. It’s rewarding work yet not without challenges.

Many K’ekchi are oral learners, which means the Bibles available to them often remain locked treasures. That’s why the Messenger has been an invaluable discipleship tool for these budding leaders. With an audio Bible at their disposal, newly trained ministers are equipped to study the Word of God on their own as they prepare to serve their churches.

How blessed is the man who does not
walk in the counsel of the wicked ...
but his delight is in the law of the LORD,
and in His law he meditates
day and night.
—Psalm 1:1-2

Messenger Lab - JonathanThomas Ack and his wife, pictured at their home in Ótoxha, have been serving their local church for 20 years, with Thomas ministering in the role of pastor.

For Thomas Ack, a seasoned K’ekchi pastor, the Messenger illuminated God’s Word when a cataract overshadowed one of his eyes. “I would start to read, but after ten minutes I would quit because my eyes hurt. The Messenger has been helpful for me—I really like the messages, and I get to study the Bible,” he says.

And Jonathan hopes that the Messenger will aid more pastors like Thomas so that the K’ekchi church will continue growing healthily, led by its own people.

“I would start to read, but after ten minutes I would quit because my eyes hurt. The Messenger has been helpful for me—I really like the messages, and I get to study the Bible.”

–Thomas Ack, K’ekchi pastor


Messenger Lab - JonathanWhen Jonathan travels to remote areas like Delores to present the gospel, The Jesus Film plays a pivotal role in introducing unreached people groups to the Savior’s earthly life. For these first-time viewers, the movie is much more than entertainment—it’s an invitation to a changed life.

Messenger Lab - JonathanOn his way to Delores, Jonathan, far right, picks up K’ekchi men who will be attending the pastors’ training in town. For many of these ministers, attendance is a sacrifice, as it often means leaving families behind and traveling great distances.

Messenger Lab - JonathanAfter finishing their training course with Jonathan, these graduates receive certificates of completion as well as Messengers to assist them in their pastoral roles.

Obedience to this God-given vision has been a costly venture for the Reeds. The family has been plagued by multiple bouts of malaria, and Jonathan has also battled dengue fever and chikungunya, a chronic infection that ultimately resulted in the family moving their base of operations from Brazil to the interior of Belize, then on to Guatemala. To say it’s been a winding, frequently difficult road for the Reeds would be an understatement, but their faith in God’s calling has remained consistent.

“We never know what God has up His sleeve,” says Jonathan, “but He keeps opening doors and we’re faithfully walking through them.” Doing so has created a pathway for others to grow in their faith, a picture of Paul’s words to the Corinthians: “Follow me as I follow Christ.”

God is at work among indigenous
peoples, raising up kingdom workers
of every tribe, tongue, and nation.
Learn more about efforts like
this one.

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