More Than Enough Wisdom

God Can Handle Our Concerns

By Erin Chewning
  • August 04, 2015

Sitting on the couch, Bible in my lap, the doubts began surfacing from wherever I’d been trying to hide them. My husband was seriously thinking about becoming a fireman and paramedic. He was ready to leave the (relative) safety of the high school biology classroom he’d occupied for the past three years, but I was not. The thought of him being hurt (or worse) was more than I could bear. I’d come to the Scriptures that day seeking comfort, but the words merely bounced around in my head, never taking root.

But as I sat on the couch that evening, God spoke to my heart in a way He’d only done a few times before. Erin, who made Kyle? Don’t you think I can take care of him better than you can? And what good are you doing anyone with all your worry? I’d become so consumed with my earthly fears that I’d left little room for the Father to calm my troubled heart. What I’d forgotten in those weeks of worry was the sovereignty and wisdom of my good and loving Savior. I could only see through the narrow lense of my earthly perspective, while He had everything planned in view of eternity.

As Dr. Stanley says in this month’s From the Pastor’s Heart letter:

The Lord’s wisdom is vast enough to handle every human concern … No matter how insurmountable our problems may seem, He has unlimited power to handle them. With such a wealth of wisdom available to us, why in the world would we ever choose to rely on our own reasoning, feelings, or desires?

The world offers little to us in the way of wisdom, but our heavenly Father is an unlimited source of it. If we step outside of ourselves and seek what He has to offer, He promises to “make [our] paths straight” (Prov. 3:6). His wisdom is perfect, while ours is broken and limited. Which is the better option? It shouldn’t be hard to see.

In the weeks and months that followed, God assured me of His ultimate control. He had my husband in the palm of His hand, and no emergency of this world would ever prevail over the Creator’s plan for him. Dr. Stanley reminds us, “true wisdom is seeing life from God’s viewpoint and responding according to His instructions.” We’ve been given a gift—an all-knowing heavenly Father who delights in sharing His wisdom with His children. He gives us abundant life (John 10:10), so let’s lean in to all He has for us. It is better than anything the folly of this world has to offer.

Dr. Stanley shares how we can in this month’s From the Pastor’s Heart letter.

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