Rejoicing in the Dark

7 Truths You Need to Know

By Linda Canup
  • March 15, 2015

When we’re facing unwanted circumstances, dealing with difficult people, or under the fire of persecution, it can be too easy to focus on our challenges and become discouraged. We compare our lives with others and wonder, “Why can’t I have that, too? Why must I suffer?”

This kind of dejection will only take our spirits down and our minds off of the goodness of God. Instead, we must remind ourselves of God’s love, provision, and character. As Dr. Stanley says in his message, “Wisdom in the Midst of Trials,” we can rejoice in dark times when we are convinced of the following:

  1. God is in control of the time and intensity of our suffering in all matters.
  2. He has a specific purpose for allowing it.
  3. The Lord uses pain and hardship to equip us to encourage and bless others.
  4. A trial is an opportunity to demonstrate perseverance under pressure.
  5. God is developing Christlike character in us.
  6. Hardships will help us measure our own spiritual growth.
  7. God walks with us through every phase of our most difficult trials.

Having wisdom means we see things from God's viewpoint and respond according to the principles of Scripture. Keep this list of convictions is a special place, so you can pull it out during your lowest moments. They will help you stay close to God and rest in His presence, and they will remind you of His gifts of hope and joy.

Dr. Stanley shares much more about how certain truths from the Word of God can help us persevere during difficult times in his message, “Wisdom in the Midst of Trials,” airing today on television.

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