Blocking Our Own Way

September 2018: A Word From Dr. Stanley

I am fully persuaded that one of the main reasons we fail to achieve our goals is because we set limitations upon ourselves. For instance, can you remember a time when you said, “Oh, I could never do that!” If so, you may have sidestepped something God planned as an integral part of your life.

This doesn’t mean we should pursue every ambition that pops into our mind. But if we’re resisting what the Lord is nudging us to do, we could end up missing His best and the opportunity to fulfill our calling.

Before you can remove a boundary, you must identify what it is.

So think about some of the barriers you’ve put up, whether subconsciously or knowingly. Is there some place you’ve told God you won’t go, or some task you’ve refused to do for Him? What about an activity or relationship you won’t relinquish? Before you can remove a boundary, you must identify what it is.

Now consider why you may have put up these limitations. Was it a fear of failure? Or perhaps simply indifference to what God wants? Maybe the price of what He was asking of you seemed too high, and you were unwilling to pay it?

I believe Isaiah provides a key here—in 55:9, he reminds us God’s ways and thoughts are higher than ours. So to break down barriers we have created, it’s important to refocus our thinking. My prayer is that this month’s devotions will help you realign your perspective with God’s. Imagine what He would do in your life if you made Him your top priority and obedience your main objective!

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