A Familiar Voice

Dr. Charles Stanley’s voice is unmistakable. Yet for anyone who’s watched him on television or listened to one of his radio broadcasts, they’ve heard someone else’s voice, too—that of In Touch announcer Keith Hurd.

Hurd, who marks his 33rd year with In Touch Ministries this fall, got his start in radio in 1980 when he and his wife, Janice, relocated to north Georgia to attend college. The school had just opened a Christian radio station, and he was hired to work the afternoon drive time. It wasn’t long before a connection brought him to In Touch, where he spliced tape to create Dr. Stanley’s radio program.

“The Lord has uniquely positioned and gifted him to preach the Word—it just kind of grabs you.”

The events of September 11th marked a change for Hurd’s role at In Touch. The announcer at the time was off site, working weeks in advance. But the ministry needed someone who could help program production be more nimble and adaptable. And now, Hurd’s words are heard on television, radio, and the daily devotions at intouch.org.

Hurd recalls one summer night years ago, when he sat waiting to pick up his daughter after a church event. The weather was nice, and he had his windows down. He noticed a familiar voice coming from the next car over. It was a recording he had heard before—something he’d helped prepare—yet he was still drawn to Dr. Stanley’s sermon.

“The Lord has uniquely positioned and gifted him to preach the Word—it just kind of grabs you,” Hurd says. In the course of his job working at In Touch Ministries, he never tires of hearing Dr. Stanley’s solid biblical teaching.

Hurd looks to Dr. Stanley’s humility in leadership as an example worth following. “That’s how each of us in the ministry should look at our role here, as being gifted and called, not chosen because we did anything, but because God selected us for a certain time, to be in a certain place doing a certain thing.”

In his 33 years with the ministry, Hurd has seen many steps of growth, particularly in the spread God’s Word internationally. Hurd is also greatly encouraged by recent developments in the technology coming out of the Messenger Lab, including the original Messenger device. “It’s been fun to see that we haven’t limited ourselves by saying, ‘Well, we’ve always done it this way.’ We’ve been willing to expand and meet people where they are with the gospel.”

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