At the Other End of the Line

Imagine you’re sitting in church on a Sunday morning. The preacher proclaims the word of God, and it cuts you to the core. It’s as if he’s speaking directly to me, you think. With each passing minute, the feeling grows more intense. And when the service is over, you desperately need to talk with someone. You make a beeline for the front, searching out the pastor to tell him that you know something needs to change in your life and that you need prayer.

Partners want to connect with Dr. Stanley, but it’s impossible for him to speak with everyone. And that’s where Toby Monday comes in.

This happens each week when people around the world watch “In Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley.” Now in more than 113 million U.S. households, In Touch hears daily from partners who want to connect with Dr. Stanley, but it’s impossible for him to speak with everyone.

And that’s where Toby Monday comes in.

As a member of our Partner Relations staff, Toby prays with them, listens to their stories, and answers their questions. From his corner in the ministry’s Global Communications Center, Toby corresponds with both new and lifelong believers. At times, he’s wept with those who mourn and celebrated with those full of joy. And his sonorous voice is just one of many in the building, traveling through telephone wires and satellites, keeping the ministry connected to its partners.

It can be an emotionally taxing job. Our ministry communicators have no idea who they’ll speak to next. But the Holy Spirit is at work here, too—preparing hearts and minds and ensuring phone calls and notes come at just the right moment.

In this hidden gem—a ministry within the ministry—Toby is truly in his element. A recent Bible school graduate and longtime youth pastor, he speaks with a preacher’s cadence, Scripture rolling off his tongue. He’s also faced many of the difficulties he speaks about with others. Unemployment, helping a loved one fight cancer, or dealing with setbacks— he’s experienced it all.

“Romans 8:28 tells us that God causes all things to work together for good,” Toby says, “and that’s why I’m thankful for hard times. Jesus is using them to make me a better servant to our partners.”

And that’s exactly what Toby does at In Touch: He’s there for those who need someone to speak with. Who need to know someone has heard them. Who need to hear a human voice at the other end of the line.

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