Hungry for the Word

Verna Carter is just one of the thousands of veterans who visit the VA hospital in Long Beach, California, for health care. But on a special day last fall she went for a different reason: to receive an In Touch Messenger.

Carter saw posters for an event held by chaplain Michael A. Jones, who has been using the Messenger to minister to hospital patients. The teaching resources of In Touch aren’t unfamiliar to Carter—she’s been using the ministry’s app for some time. “When they came out with the app, I downloaded it on my phone and shared with others to download it so they could listen to the devotions,” she says. That program has proven particularly valuable when she’s ministering overseas.

Carter has a heart for the people of Haiti, to which she has traveled nine times in the past four years as a missionary. Ultimately, her goal is to move there to continually reach Haitians with the good news of Jesus Christ. Working with a Baptist organization out of Gonaïves, a city north of Port-au-Prince, Carter assists missionaries who have set up a seminary to train local ministers. “These young men are so hungry for the Word of God,” she says. To help them, she is able to access a wide variety of In Touch resources through the app: daily devotions, magazine articles, TV and radio broadcasts featuring the sermons of Charles Stanley, and more.

Carter, who once was a member of Dr. Stanley’s church in Atlanta, happened to be there years ago when the prototype Messenger launched. She remembers sitting in the sanctuary when a video presentation gave many people their first view of the device that would change the way the gospel would travel around the globe.

And today she’s able to be a part of that mission. In the more remote places of Haiti, where electricity and a stable internet connection are scarce, the solar-powered Messenger will give her the ability to continue using In Touch resources to teach.

Though Carter is only one person, she’s thankful that technology like the app and Messenger have enhanced her ability to share the gospel. “That’s been my personal mission, [to] reach as many people as possible. We have people up in the mountains, [and] now, whether we’re there or not, they can continue to learn the Word of God.”


Photography by Ben Rollins

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