In the Valley of the Shadow

Only God could deliver Michael Leung from the pain of death and divorce in his family.

In Melbourne, Australia, Michael Leung was driving home from work when his wife called him in a panic—their 4-month-old baby had stopped breathing. “Please God, don’t do this to me,” he said, gripping the steering wheel. But by the time Leung reached the house, his infant son had passed away in his sleep. Leung recalled the last time he’d held his son, when he whispered a truth he’d all but forgotten: “Jesus loves you.”

After years of marital problems, Leung and his wife divorced. And although Leung hadn’t attended church since he was a child, he felt a sudden desire to do so. Searching through his house, he found a Bible no one had read in years. He didn’t know where to begin and so did what seemed obvious—start with page one. As Leung read chapter after chapter, stunned by God’s continual faithfulness toward Israel despite its rebellion, he began to reflect on his own selfish choices. God created us, and we did this to Him, he thought. I will never get ahead of God again.

Leung read the whole Bible in less than 18 months and shared his discoveries with his brother, who also began to read—finishing it in just 10 months. They encouraged their mother to do the same, but her eyes grew sore after reading only a chapter or two. So Leung paid for the family home to have TV access, and they all sat on the couch together, flipping through channels. One night, when Dr. Stanley came on, they stopped and listened in amazement. “We were glued to the television set,” Leung said.

After that evening, his mother accepted Christ, too—and they began watching the In Touch program as a family every Saturday night. When the channel was shut down due to lack of funding, Leung ordered a Cantonese Messenger so his mother could keep listening to God’s Word every day in her heart language. Grateful for the wide array of resources, Leung and his family continue to grow in their newfound faith—keeping up with daily devotions, studying the Life Principles Bible, and listening to podcasts and sermons online.

Leung’s own extended family finds it hard to believe that he has experienced as much healing as he has. But Leung knows the source of his peace. “God delivered me,” he said. Even his coworkers have noticed the changes. Whenever someone asks how he could have joy after all he’s been through, Leung’s answer is the same every time: Jesus.


Photograph by Stuart Walmsley

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