Planting Seeds

Most mornings growing up, Judy Schrock turned off the faucet, wiped her wet hands on a towel, and rushed to the radio at 10:30 a.m. For 30 minutes, her family would pause their duties and eagerly listen to Dr. Charles Stanley. And though she was always thankful for the lessons she learned from him, Judy couldn’t shake the question, What about people who can’t hear the gospel?

Today, as manager of international resources at In Touch, Judy talks to partners, handles requests, and keeps inventory—all tasks that have a direct impact on reaching the unreached. And she’s been around since the Messenger project started in 2007 as a plan to provide biblical content to U.S. soldiers. However, the need has grown beyond that demographic. Partners asked for other languages and, before the team knew it, their original plan became something much larger.

Raised on a Pennsylvania farm, Judy has done her fair share of sowing and reaping—she knows how far a seed can go. “When the Messenger is handed out, it’s eternal,” she said. “There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. God’s Word doesn’t return void.” Messengers have been distributed in languages ranging from French and Hindi to Bambara, a dialect spoken in West Africa. They’re an especially important and integral tool for reaching cultures that value storytelling over written literature.

Around the world, people travel miles and miles on dirt roads—much like the ones Judy walked on as a child—to receive resources like the Messenger. And though she’s never been abroad, she relishes the stories and photos she receives. She facilitates each shipment that leaves the ministry and, in this way, Judy is there on every trip.

But that doesn’t mean she never experiences the thrill of seeing God at work firsthand. In her spare time, Judy volunteers at women’s prisons in the Atlanta area. On one visit, she struck up a conversation with a guard. During the course of their discussion, Judy mentioned that she worked for In Touch Ministries, and the woman’s eyes lit up.

“My son—he has a Messenger!” she said, “He’s in the military and told me all about it!” Judy never knows what new story she’ll encounter. But in moments such as this, she is permitted a glimpse into the good fruit of her labor—and that’s cause enough to celebrate.

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